Facing the Fear

I’m a fairly quiet guy. I tend to stay relatively quiet until I get to know people. It’s safe that way and prevents me from looking like a donkey if I say something inappropriate. Then again, when I do get to know people, the majority of what I say is inappropriate.

Anyway, the thing I have started to notice about myself while selling shirts at local events is I kind of like the chit chat with strangers. I’m usually a little nervous as we first get things set up, but after the first couple people come around, I tend to feel more relaxed. It rattles me a bit when someone comes by and acts like an asshole, but I shouldn’t let it bother me because, well, they’re an asshole. Today was a pretty good day, as I got to chat with several very nice folks. They seemed genuinely interested in what we’re up to with our shirts, and that made me feel good. I only encountered one person who seemed to have a bit of asshole to her, but it didn’t bug me.

The big reward is when someone enthusiastically purchases something that you had a part in creating. It’s a nice feeling to see someone enjoy and relate to one of our shirts and walk away happy. I guess a lot of this is about facing your fears.

Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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