Photo Session

We spent the morning at the park for our latest photo session. Photography is one of those things I have dabbled in, but never really pursued anywhere beyond buying a camera.

Luckily, we have a couple good friends who are willing to help us out. Our buddy, Ben, at Digital Oxygen came out and snapped the shots. In addition to our photography buddies, we have a wonderful (and tolerant) group of friends willing to help out with being shirt models. We also had a young artist with us today and it was great to be able to show her what we’re up to.

Much thought has to go into shooting the models. It’s more than I had expected. Lighting, positioning, background interference, dogs running around, props, shirts for everyone, coordinating people, dog shit, etc. The part that I enjoy is the friendship. It feels like we had a part in bringing some people together for some smiles and laughs. It’s entertaining to watch people try to act natural when the lens is focused on them. I tend to laugh because I’m a master at imagining ridiculous things at inappropriate times, such as wondering if a kangaroo gets sore balls from all that jumping. It’s hard to keep a straight face after that.


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