Motorhome Madness

The worst part about a road trip … shit … one of the worst parts about a road trip is getting stuck behind a motorhome.

There are other bad parts, but the one that got me today was the motorhome. We were 20km from our destination when we came up on a line of cars that were being held back by a lumbering motorhome. The most annoying part was when the highway opened up to a passing lane and the motorhome sped up, only to allow one or two lucky people to squeak by. Not us. Nope. Nooooooooope. We got stuck behind his fat ass for the remainder of the trip.

The entire journey up to that point was a thing of beauty. We had decent weather for most of the way and very little traffic. The road was very twisty with the occasional straight stretch, so I was able to pretend I was in a race car. The scenery was also very beautiful with views of mountains and raging rivers.

Then it was all pissed on when we caught the motorhome. He ruined it. The only thing that made it all better was we later saw him pulled over by the police haha.

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