No Power

Dammit. I just got home and the power is out.

Unfortunately, that kills any chance I have at working on the current design because it’s at the computer stage. That pisses me off because it means my program has shut down and all my documents have closed. Fortunately I save frequently and backup my stuff regularly. I feel so cut off. I can’t communicate. No internet – what the hell did I do before 1995? All the cordless phones are dead. This laptop is the only thing left and when the battery goes, I’m going to be all alone. From what I understand, the kids are moving out to the fort they are building at the end of the street. It’ll be just me and the cat. The food in the fridge will eventually rot, so I will have to eat as much as I can now before it spoils. Maybe that will plump me up for a few days and buy some time. I will then have to eat the dry stuff from the pantry. It’s going to be tough to swallow all that cereal without milk. Eww, tuna straight out of the can doesn’t sound very appetizing. When that all goes, I’ll be pretty stuck for ideas. I guess I can fire up the BBQ and eat the cat.



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