At the park today, I noticed an elderly man wearing shorts. It was a moderately pleasant day, so there’s nothing obviously strange about that.

However, what I did find odd was, much like many older folks, he was wearing his socks pulled up to his knees. I wonder what the point of wearing shorts is if you have your socks pulled up that high? It eliminates the benefit of wearing shorts! He only had about 2 inches of visible skin. I suspect if you pull shit like that all summer long, you run the risk of having odd tan rings around your knees. I say stick to pants. Pants are better. I say that because I look like an idiot in shorts. Pants are also safer in the event of a fall. If you fall in shorts, you’re more likely to scrape your knees to shit and that’s never a good time. Also, if you wear pants, you can have your socks positioned wherever you like and nobody will be able to see and write stupid posts like this.


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