Crock of Shirt Commercial #1

We spent some time the past couple days editing our first video commercial.

The video shoot itself is obviously low budget (no budget, actually), as is obvious in the final product. But that’s what makes it funny and we like it that way.

The shoot began with a poolside meeting at Kris’ place, then moved to the front to set up the tripod and video camera out in the street to take the shots. The video was matched to the music that Kris made (yes, he made it himself, which is awesome). I now have a greater appreciation for musicians or actors who have to deal with multiple takes, action cues, bright sunlight, sweating, hunger, and looking fat on camera. I also have a greater appreciation for better preparation… umm… maybe some storyboarding next time?

Official video supplies: 6 pieces of heavy gauge paper, a drywall knife, a paint stir stick, a felt marker, packing tape, tripod, video camera, an electric guitar, electric bass guitar, two computers, an mp3 player, a towel, and one derelict white van.

I’m not yet sure how to embed video on the site, so here is a YouTube link to the video:

Camera setup

Camera at the back of the van


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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