The Pea

Being unique is satisfying. It can be frustrating at times and it is frequently the more difficult way to go, but it is the most satisfying.

For instance, our shirt designs are unique. I think our stuff has a distinct flavor to it that keeps it from blending in with the herd. It would be simple for us to copy other designs and ideas, but we prefer to offer what naturally comes from us . . .  errr . . . what naturally comes from my (Kurt) brain and drawing ability. It also provides me with the challenge of improving and finding new ways to create.

Obviously, being unique involves trying something that others have not yet discovered. For example, I had the bright idea of impaling a third of a pod of peas on our car antenna. Why? I think my initial intent was to make the kids laugh. Surprisingly, the pea managed to hang on for the drive home from the gym (where I was eating peas after my workout). It has been over three weeks and the pea is still stuck to the antenna of our car. It has managed to shrivel up in shrink-wrapped fashion, hanging on for dear life, even though it is obviously beyond dead. It even endured a trip of over 600 km that included elevation changes, rain, wind, and intense heat.

As I mentioned earlier, being unique is satisfying. Having a pea pod stuck on the antenna of your car isn’t really satisfying, but it is unique. Being a person who would stick a pea pod on a car antenna is unique. Being a person who would stick a pea pod on his own wife’s car antenna is even more unique. Furthermore, being a person who draws pictures for t shirts and leaves a pea pod stuck on the antenna of his own wife’s car without any intent to remove it is even more unique.

Pea pod on antenna


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