Ribfest 2012!

Tomorrow is our first multi-day event as a vendor. Ribfest 2012 at Riverside Park in Kamloops! I wouldn’t say that I’m nervous, but I suppose I am mildly concerned. Our weekly setup at the Kamloops Farmers Market has been going well, so maybe this will be an extension of that, but with some new people to meet.

Obviously, the primary difference between tomorrow’s event and the market is the market is a four hour session once or twice per week, whereas Ribfest begins tomorrow for three days, each ten hours or so. I don’t know if we have enough shirts hahaha. It’s one of those things where we’ll have to see what happens and roll with it. Oh, and I’d better pack an assload of food to take with me in case I can’t get my hands on some ribs . . . not that I’d eat with my hands anyway. That’s just gross. Fork and knife all the way. Hmm, that reminds me that I’d better pack some cutlery so I can dig into some ribs! I also don’t want to get sauce shit on any of our shirts, so cutlery is a necessity. Oh shit. I hope people don’t come by our tent with saucy hands and mess up our shirts that are on display. The last thing I need is for someone to slop sauce all over our table or come over with saucy fingers and touch everything.

Sloppy disasters aside, hope to see you there!

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