Ribfest 2012 Part 2

Whew! We just got home from the first day of Ribfest, which is the biggest event we’ve participated in so far. Tomorrow is going to be a frigging madhouse, I imagine. The annual Hot Nite in the City car show is tomorrow, as well. Ribs + cars! Can it get any better?

Of course.

Ribs + cars + T shirts from Crock of Shirt = complete Saturday domination!

Anyway, today was a good day at the park. I’ve never seen anything on such a grand scale at the park. The lineups for ribs were nuts. And the pulled pork! Oh, the humanity! I could not stop eating the pulled pork. It was so ridiculous. I need to shower, as I smell like BBQ smoke and meat.

Today was also the maiden voyage for our new Crock table banner, thanks to Christian and Christian Signs:

Crock of Shirt banner

Ribfest. Notice all the smoky goodness filling the air:

Ribfest at Riverside Park

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