Finding the Path

I have always drawn. As far back as I can remember, I have drawn stuff. I used to get in trouble in school for drawing during class. I even had a teacher throw chalk at me once for not paying attention!

My original plan throughout high school was to pursue a career in drafting. However, a career workshop with some visitors to the school and some words with a counsellor steered me in the direction of graphic design instead. It was suggested that because my math skills were weak, I would be better suited to graphics. Rather than work on my math, I regrettably listened to the counsellor and steered in the direction of design.

During the past 10 or 12 years as a designer, I have tried to avoid calling myself a designer. I feel more like a drawer (not a drawer in a dresser). Or an illustrator. But I’m not quite an illustrator. I don’t know. I can design stuff, but I prefer to draw. Designing things these days has shifted more to online projects, which is fine, but I’m not a developer. It seems now you have to know how to develop and code websites along with designing. Doing stuff like that seems interesting, but it’s not like drawing. Drawing is more free.

During the past 10 months or so, I have been drawing. I have been drawing new shirt designs, which is pretty fun for me. I have also designed (the website and some ads) and even drafted some simple designs for the work tables in our print shop. I have enjoyed all of it, but mostly the drawing. The unfortunate thing is it’s difficult as hell to make a living drawing shit. My ultimate goal is to draw stuff that makes me feel good, which our customers purchase because it makes them feel good. If I can make someone feel good because they like what they are wearing, I have succeeded.

The downside is I feel like I am going against the grain. I think I am doing what I should be doing, but something keeps nagging me about drafting and building technology. I wonder if I will ever find the right path. Or maybe I’m on the right path now and don’t realize it.

Below: This is probably the oldest drawing of mine that I can find. This dirt bike was drawn in Grade 1, which was 1981 for me, I believe.

Dirt bike I drew in Grade 1

Below: This is the most recent dirt bike I have drawn. This is the bike from the “Finger” shirt design, which was completed in 2012. It seems 31 years of practice has paid off…

Dirt Bike I drew 31 years later

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