Summer’s End

Well, it looks as though another summer is fading away. It seemed as though it ended too abruptly. The weather suddenly turned cool in the evenings and it’s getting dark far too early again. I just noticed some of the leaves turning red today.

I remember how fun it was when we were younger and summer holidays were what mattered in life. For the entire year, we focused on those two glorious months in the summer when we could do whatever we wanted. No official bed time, no alarm clocks, no stupid homework, no shitty schoolbus – just pure play time.

Then adulthood comes in and you have to get a job. Working makes you realize what a frustrating existence we have made for ourselves. We have freedom when we are young and penniless. Then we grow older and have money but have no time to spend it because we have to work. Then when we become too old to work, we are broke and too crippled to do anything. That is truly a sickening cycle.

Oh well, I still enjoy the summer holiday season. It’s nice to light the BBQ and have outdoor dinners with my family. I like to breathe the warm air and smell the grass. I still get a sense of freedom in the summer, much like when I was younger. There’s something about the warmth and sunshine that takes away the winter boundaries.

Wait. Hold on. I’m sorry. I should apologize for lying to you. I actually don’t like eating outside with my family. I like my family, but I dislike insects that swarm my food when I try to eat outside. I suppose winter isn’t such a bad thing because all of the insects will die. Hmm, maybe I should try eating outside in the winter!


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