Meeting Madness

So I’m sitting here with Monica and 5 of our friends (and a spectacular glass of rye and Coke) discussing what the fuck to do about the lack of traffic on our website (Saturday evening, Sept. 22). This whole web thing is another animal. It’s a frustrating challenge to get people to visit us online – a challenge I didn’t think would be this difficult. Hmm. Maybe I need to swear more in my blogging. Fuckin’ A.

Hmm, Monica is such a stubborn person sometimes. We differ in opinion. I’m usually right. She would differ on that opinion.

Okay, time for supper. This will be a nice break from the criticism. It’s all good criticism and suggestions, but it’s mildly uncomfortable for me to be on the spot. It’s tough for me to even put myself out and about like this, to be honest. I’m usually pretty reserved in groups.

Back from supper. Now I’m going to try to squeak out a silent fart without being noticed. The meetings continue. We’re coming up with some pretty good ideas, but shit is definitely still frustrating. I see the problem now is there are many ideas flying around, but no consistency.

I should have been a fucking electrician.

Well, the general opinion is that I need to be myself. I need to get back to how I really am when posting things. Be warned, I guess. I’m a little twisted and tend to cuss quite a bit. We’ll see how it goes. I also have to build a community, which is what I am trying to do. The trouble is I still don’t know how to bring more people to the site. I will try to write more to keep things interesting. Those of you who are reading this, please pass it on so we can grow!


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