Well, it’s officially fall now, which means it’s TV season. Not that I watch much TV. TV season for me is like sketch season.

Yup, I tend to sketch while Monica watches TV. I sort of watch what’s on the screen, but more focus on my pencil.

Here’s a sketch of a Corvette that I did a couple years ago. I drew this car after a buddy of mine let me drive his 1966 Stingray. I do have a completed illustration of this, but I will post it later. I think I’ll keep you in suspense for a bit, mwa ha ha ha ha (eeeeevil laugh). Maybe we can make the finished version into a shirt one day!

Sketching is a necessary part of this whole design thing. It can be fun, but also frustrating. The most fun is when I totally let go and not worry about how the final draft should look like. The final is for later. The Corvette sketch below probably took me a couple tries to get to what you see here. You can see the messy lines in this example.

I suppose the problem I have now is I have a book full of sketches that need to be transformed into shirt designs. I have so many ideas to sift through. That being said, probably only a few of those ideas will ever actually be born into something.

Stay tuned!

Corvette Sketch


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