Sketchin’ Part 2

I said I’d continue with the Corvette drawing I did a couple years ago, so here’s the next part (Click here for Part 1).

After the first sketch was done, I wanted to try to show some feeling to what I felt when driving my friend’s 1966 Stingray. As I recall, I thought it was a raw, fire-breathing, muscle-flexing, shaking, loud motherfucker of a beast! One word: torque. It didn’t have flames shooting out of it, but I pictured it as such. Furthermore, I imagine the amount of fuel a 427 sucks back would be enough to adequately flamethrow anything behind it to a sizzling crisp – anything that could keep up, that is. With that in mind, I took my original sketch, which I had now digitally outlined, and started playing with flames.

Vette Flames

Vette Flames


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