Cat Lick

Have you ever watched a cat after it takes a drink? It’s funny. Go find a cat and watch. If you can’t find a cat, go buy one. They’re cheap.

The tongue action is amazing. I’ve watched my cat after he has a drink and he must lick his chops about 50 times after he’s done. His tongue looks funny as shit. It almost looks like an alien being with a mind of its own. It’s similar to when you say a word over and over and it ceases to have meaning. Penis. Penis. Penis. Penis. Penis. Penis. It sounds like a word that could be describing green peas that grow on a peanut tree, right? Or am I odd? Do peanuts grow on trees? How is it that I’m writing about dicks and trees on a site that sells shirts?

I wonder why the cat licks so many times. I didn’t think his face even got all that wet. Cats don’t have smoochy lips like us, so it’s not like they pucker up and suck water. And a cat doesn’t gobble water like, for instance, a bulldog. Water doesn’t have any flavor, so why keep licking? Further investigation might be necessary…

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