Sketchin’ Part 4

Part 3 of the Corvette drawing was about finalizing the line work and colour. This part (Part 4) will highlight quite possibly my biggest weakness in drawing: background.

I finished the last part of the drawing with the illustration feeling kind of flat. The car looked cool and the flames added what I wanted, but the entire piece didn’t have enough feeling. Remember, riding in this car was like a rocket ride. It was like a wild ride on the back of a hairy beast. It made my toes curl. When the throttle was mashed, it made everything a blur as it roared ferociously. At this point, the illustration didn’t really have any of that. What it needed was some sort of background treatment.

As I mentioned earlier, backgrounds in my drawings are a weak spot. In fact, they are largely nonexistent. I used to get shit from my art teachers in school because I only focused on the main subject in the piece. For this Corvette illustration, I first thought I could throw in some silhouettes of buildings or something. Maybe trees. Maybe traffic. Then I could blur them out a bit. But after a few seconds of violently arguing with myself, I decided to try to do something abstract and illustrate feeling and sound. I threw in a lined, streaky texture that I had made a couple years ago. I then stretched the texture and transformed it to mimic the direction the car was traveling. A second texture was added behind everything to add some noise, then lightened to make it not so overpowering. Much better.

Vette Texture

But, I wanted more. It deserved more.

To make the car stand out from the background, I outlined the whole works with a thick line. The number 66 was put in, as the car is a 1966 model. The 66 was set just behind the right front tire to give some depth to the car. This is the point where I was finally feeling mostly satisfied.

Vette Texture

Closer! Getting closer. Just one more thing might do it.


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