Nice Racks!

I’ve found that having a nice rack when selling shirts is a great help. A nice rack not only looks good, but attracts the customers to come over for a peek at the goods.

We got our first shirt rack in August, I believe. July? August? I think it was August. It was around the time we started using our second canopy tent thing (the first one got ass-kicked in a wind storm). Up until that point we had been displaying our shirts behind us on hangers across the back of the tent, plus folded on the table at the front. The addition of the double-arm shirt rack allowed us to hang shirts beside the table. Like a highly detailed scientific experiment, we studied how the rack changed the way people shopped around our tent. Our observations indicated that it seemed to draw people in, much like an invisible magnetic force. Not only that, but the people appeared to enjoy fiddling through the clothes on the rack. Eureka!

With autumn now in full swing, we are looking for other places to get our shirts out and about (it sure would be nice if the online sales would increase). We have booked ourselves into the Craft-A-Fair at Interior Savings Centre in Kamloops on November 4, which will require us to have an indoor setup for our stuff. I hadn’t put much thought into it other than maybe getting more clothing racks. Fortunately for us, a large department store just down the hill is in the process of closing and selling off all their fixtures. Mom offered to help us out and bought us four of the 4-arm racks today, which was really nice. In return, I bought her a bunch of bananas hahaha.

Shit! SHIIIIIIT! I just realized I have to buy a ton of hangers now.

Below: Racks in truck.

Clothing racks in truck

Below: Racks with Nice Rack shirt.

Clothing racks in garage

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