Well, it’s Halloween. Fittingly,  it is a foggy, dreary day here. Other than the damp cold, it’s not too bad for a spooky evening.

I was hunting around for some old artwork the other day and remembered the pumpkin our son had drawn in school a couple years ago. I couldn’t find the picture of it, but a buddy of mine had a scanned copy of it that he forwarded to me. I had scanned it at work and passed it out to my coworkers for a laugh.

Now, let’s get something straight. I didn’t pass along the drawing because it looked shitty. I passed it along because, much like our son’s robot drawing, this character also has a dink. It is a subtle dink, but it is there nonetheless. I have yet to see a pumpkin with a cock. Robots, pumpkins, and anything else that has a dink drawn on it is usually funny and should be passed around. Laughing is good. Because it is Halloween, I will post the Cock ‘O Lantern below:

Cock 'O Lantern


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