Sketchin’ Part 5

Part 4 was mainly about adding some background to the picture. With the textures and outline added, one final step was left to complete the illustration.

Complete satisfaction was close at this when I finished up with Part 4. The final touch was to add a drop shadow beneath the car, which really made the entire car jump off the page. Caution has to be exercised, though, when using canned effects in Photoshop or Illustrator. Many people rely too heavily on effects to try to boost their artwork and it results in making things look cluttered and cheap. And shitty. It’s frustrating. It’s shitty. I try to avoid shittiness, so I added just enough shade to suggest some separation between the car and the thick blue outline. If you get too horny with effects everywhere, things can get muddy. And shitty.

Remember: get horny with your drawing, not with the effects. (That sounds like an official design rule, doesn’t it?)

Vette 66

Below is a closeup of the final. Note the subtle shadow that’s just visible enough to add some depth.

Vette Final

Well, that’s it for this series. I’ve never really made a start to finish visual series of my work, so I hope it wasn’t too ugly for you. I will try to do another one soon. Hopefully it can give you some insight into what goes through my head and what kind of steps it takes when making an illustration. Oh, and this isn’t necessarily the correct way to do it – it’s just my way. I still remember starting out years ago and asking numerous people how to go about making graphics, reading tutorials like this, and just trying new techniques. Practice!


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