Being artistic can really be a pain in the ass sometimes. It can be tremendously frustrating. However, it can also be very satisfying when things come together.

I try to challenge myself with new techniques that I learn either by seeing another piece of art or just trying a new way of doing things. As time has moved on, small things about my technique have evolved. My style has remained familiar, but little details have come about that make the illustrations more alive. I sometimes screw it up and regress back to my old chickenshit way of doing things, which pisses me right off. I will try to be too careful in my sketching and it suffocates the flow, resulting in drawings that are very rigid and without feeling. I have to be conscious about being more free when I draw.

I have discovered that drawing while consuming vodka is a great way to keep loose! Just kidding. Sort of. Sometimes. Sometimes I do that. Only on a weekend, though.

Anyway, my style has remained familiar throughout the years, but it has evolved. In fact, there has even been a small evolution since this time last year. Something clicked since then. The sick part is I want to redo some of the stuff that I have already done. Maybe you’ll see sequels to some of the shirt designs we currently offer!

Below is the initial sketch of a dude on a snowmobile. This was done while sipping vodka and I managed to draw it out in one shot, as you see here. I didn’t have a picture to refer to, nor do I own a snowmobile, so I think it turned out fine for a first crack. Vodka = good.

Snowmobile sketch

Below is the final digitial version after I looked through reference pictures and cleaned it up.

Snowmobile final

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