Spaced Out

This past Saturday night did not go at all as planned, but that seems to be a theme for me lately. Yup, just one giant theme of awesome up in here.

Contrary to my suggestion that we go to a friend’s place to have a couple drinks and watch the fight on TV, we ended up sticking around home to wonder what it would have been like to go to a friend’s place to have a couple drinks and watch the fight on TV. Monica and our daughter went downstairs to work on a sewing project together, which left me to watch our son be bored out of his shit. He doesn’t function well without a screen in front of his face, so it was suggested we build Lego. His initial reaction was not very positive, but his mind was changed when we decided to look up some plans online. Lego plans on a screen = compromise. Since he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, I suggested we look for some vintage space Lego plans. Why vintage? Because I still have all my Lego from when I was a kid!

Part of the fun in the initial boredom was the thrill of the hunt for the old space set I have. We began the search by snooping around online and found a site that listed pictures of vintage Lego sets. I couldn’t remember exactly which set I had, but I managed to find similar pieces in my pile of Lego to what the instructions outlined. The funny thing is I couldn’t remember exactly which set of Space Lego I have. A little bit of detective work revealed that I have at least one set from 1980 and one from 1985. Judging by several interesting pieces I discovered along the way, there are probably a few more smaller sets that I own.

Further investigation of the Lego plans and hunting for the correct pieces in my giant pile sort of turned into a trip down memory lane for me. It brought back memories of being young and putting all this shit together in the first place. Well, not really putting it together the very first time, but playing with it over the years. The thousands of pieces in that big bin all look very familiar from one time or another. The space stuff was definitely from my younger years, which is why I can’t remember it that well. The pieces I saw from my middle years brought back memories of the hospital set I got for Christmas around 1986 (1987?), the airport set, police station, and the racing car set. As I got older, all those sets were demolished to provide me the blocks to let my imagination loose and enter a stage where I used to build houses. The majority of those houses were built with the blue bricks, as my collection offers the widest variety of pieces in that colour. The big windows in the houses were from the airport set. The driveway was from the police station set.

Saturday night kept ticking away and I kept searching, collecting, searching, and building. The space set began to take shape. My excitement grew as I got closer and closer. It was as if I was bringing something back to life that hadn’t seen daylight for so many years. In fact, it’s possible that this particular set hadn’t been together in 25 years. I was an archaeologist in search of a hidden treasure. I was a restoration expert bringing together a puzzle that had been hidden for a quarter century. It was all up to me! I had to solve the puzzle!

But nobody cared. I eventually came up for air and realized I was alone in my quest. My kid had lost interest. It was taking too long, so he no longer gave a shit. I looked at the clock and it was 10:00 at night. I’d spent two hours on this fucking thing and it still wasn’t finished. It was then that I realized I wasn’t an archaeologist. I wasn’t a restoration expert. Nope. I was a 36 year old jackass in the middle of my living room, swishing through a pile of Lego on the floor. The cat even thought I was a bit fucked. It was then that we decided to pull the plug on our mission. We cleaned up the Lego and put the kids to bed. All that remains now are the memories of the memories. Oh, and a mostly-built set of space Lego from 1985 that the kids will probably annihilate anyway (see below).

(A couple pieces couldn’t be found, so some different coloured stuff had to be used. And it still isn’t finished. Fuck.)

Space Lego


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