Cart Wheel

We went grocery shopping the other day. I generally don’t mind shopping, but it gets painful when there are heaps of people drifting around mindlessly. Get in, buy your mustard, get out.

Unfortunately, another thing that makes shopping painful is when the shopping cart is buggered up. For about the third time in the past month, we managed to select the shopping cart with the buggered front wheel. I’m not sure how many carts there were to choose from, but we somehow singled out at least one of the buggered ones again. There must have been hundreds of carts. I wasn’t even thinking negatively, yet I managed to attract the gimp cart. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, as I don’t know how many buggered carts there were. I should verify the ratio of good to bad in the total cart inventory before I make any further judgement of myself. If the results reveal that 72% of the carts are buggered up, I can comfortably be cleared of any attraction to broken shit.

As we plodded through the store, the cart got worse. As the cart got worse, so did my mood. I have little tolerance for broken shit. I took the cart over from Monica so I could take it for a quick diagnostic test drive and discovered the front right wheel was wobbly. Upon closer inspection, the culprit turned out to be a loose nut. Nuts! I was tempted to pull over and tighten it by hand, but I didn’t want to get the dusty, greasy shit on my fingers. My next thought was to try to locate a tissue or paper towel that I could use to cover the nut so I could tighten it, but I couldn’t find any. Hmm, now that I stop to think about it, I could have gone to the tool aisle and used a wrench. Dammit! Shits when you think of things like that afterwards. Oh well.

We limped the annoying cart through the rest of our journey and back to the car. After unloading all the groceries to the trunk, I snapped a picture of the buggered wheel nut so that I’d have a picture to accompany this post. I’m not sure what to do next, as I didn’t notify anyone of the buggered cart. Maybe the next time we go shopping we need to pay more attention when selecting shopping carts. Maybe we should take the cart for a test drive first before entering the store. Maybe I should start carrying a tool box when I go shopping so I can make repairs as shit breaks. There’s nothing more annoying than a rickety piece of shit metal shopping cart that shakes my eggs and rattles the nuts loose.

Below is the piece of shit cart with the busted nut:

Shopping Cart


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