There are a lot of things that bother me on this planet. Insects, in general, bother me. Most insects are gross. If you ask me, I think insects can fuck off. I don’t admire any insect, but I do feel a couple things about them are fantastic.

Take, for instance, the common housefly. The world’s perfect little asshole. They’ve got it made, really. As I see it, their purpose in life is to be the ultimate fucker. They dive-bomb humans and tease us when we eat by landing on our food. They basically get to fly around at top speed like drunk pilots, disrupting our lives as they please in their lawless and selfish ways (hmm, kind of sounds like an out of control rock star haha). But the best part? The fantastic part is they only live for a span of around two weeks to a month. So simple. You’re born, you act like a prick for a couple weeks, you die.

Below: I quickly sketched out what I have observed to be the typical flight path of the common housefly. Angles and speed may vary, but this gives a general idea. No, I can’t draw flies. I have no reason to excel at drawing flies, so I don’t care.

Sketch of housefly


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