St. Patrick Was Mean to Me

Monica bought me a shirt a few years ago. It was a green t shirt that fit just right and soon became one of my favourites. I felt good wearing that particular shirt and ended up purchasing a few more of the same style in the following months. Times were good.

It was said that my green t shirt brought out the green colour in my eyes, which are hazel. I’ve also been told my eye colour is fecal, but that’s another story. Any shirt that can enhance your eye colour is a good one.

So where does St. Patrick fit into this? Well, I’ve never been one to recognize St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not that I have anything against Patrick or the Irish. I just don’t really care much, I guess. Green beer? I dunno. It’s green. Anyway, I thought just one time I would at least acknowledge the day and wear my favourite green shirt. It would be like any other day for me, but make it look like I care. That particular St. Patrick’s Day was in 2011 and it turned out not to be any other day for me. That was the day I was informed my position at my job was eliminated. See? I shouldn’t have acknowledged that day with my favourite shirt. Fuckin’ Leprechauns.

I still have that shirt. I was still wearing it up until a couple weeks ago when I decided that maybe it’s time to refresh things. I even rearranged my office to help spark creativity for new shirt designs and business ideas. An important but painful decision ultimately had to be made. In the quest for starting anew and refreshing my vibe, the decision was made to discard my beloved green shirt. I think it’s stained with the memory of that dark day. It’s also stained in the armpits. Time to go.

Below: Farewell, old buddy. Time for you to join my old skate shoes in the sky.

Green shirt


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