Draw Unplugged

February is typically a slow month for excitement, as the weather is generally cold and the warmer spring season is still several weeks away. This past Saturday’s Farmers Market was pretty dull, which contributes to the whole sour feeling of not wanting to bother at all.

As late afternoon came around on Saturday, my desperate wishes for excitement were suddenly answered. The accuracy of the wishes remains to be thoughtfully debated, but something indeed out of the norm did occur that provided some excitement. The power suddenly went out. I realize this isn’t all that exciting, but as I mentioned before, February is sort of a dull piece of shit, so anything that can break up the doom and gloom is exciting. Trust me, it was exciting. I’m not very exciting, so my scale of excitement is probably lower than what might be expected.

The little bit of excitement in this situation was finding alternative solutions to normal bullshit. Even preparing supper involved being creative. Fortunately, we have a gas stove top in our place, so we were still able to cook something to eat by igniting the burners with a barbecue lighter.Gas range fire

Luckily we had a bag of candles and fresh batteries in the flashlight ready to go, so that helped us see what we were cooking. I wouldn’t be able to work on the computer after supper, as I usually tend to do. I could have used the laptop, but the battery was dangerously low, so I was caught unprepared. It made me stop and think about how people used to live not all that long ago when things weren’t as simple as flicking a switch for light. It must have seemed cozy. Maybe not, but that’s the feeling I got. Maybe it was just a real pain in the ass. Candle makers likely made a decent living!


After having been in the darkness for a couple hours, I decided to sip wine while sketching new shirt ideas by candlelight! What a fun idea (for me). As I mentioned before, my scale of excitement is likely lower than what might be expected, so drawing in the dark is pretty crazy.


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