The Recycling Channel

We have made an effort to reduce waste and recycle as much as we can over the past decade or so. Decade? I honestly don’t know how long, but I chose decade because it’s been more than several and less than my entire life. We definitely didn’t recycle anything when I was young.

Sometimes recycling takes some creativity. I like creativity. It stimulates thought. Stimulating thought is far better than sitting around like a mouth-breather or working on some bullshit job you don’t have any interest in. Some impressive creations and solutions come out of creative thinking and recycling. For example, Monica has been bugging me for about 5 or 6 years (several) to build or buy a bench for the foyer in our house. I never got around to it, perhaps from being too busy, too broke, or possibly a subconscious contest to see how long I can possibly hold off before she gets super pissed. Either way, I am going to win.

Opportunity presented itself recently when I changed my workspace around in our home office/craft space. We (I) wanted to eliminate unnecessary bullshit from the space, so I kicked out the old TV we had in the corner. The old TV is a 19 incher from 1994 that Monica’s dad bought her in high school. Yup, kids, it’s one of those old televisions that takes up a footprint as deep as it is wide. Even though the TV still works, the remote vanished sometime within the last 3 years ā€“ that’s just one more strike against the old piece of shit. Oh, and I guess we now need digital cable boxes or newer televisions or something (I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I’m clueless) ā€“ so that’s another strike against the old piece of shit. No way am I gonna buy a cable box for that. I don’t even care that the cable box comes with a remote. I’m drifting off topic at this point.

What the hell was I talking about?

Right! Creative recycling! Ha, rather than simply throw out the old TV, I graciously donated my time and effort to set it up in the foyer to be used as a bench. Not only is it the perfect offering of love to my wife, It’s the perfect height for tying shoes if you don’t want to bend down. It is also a suitable height for use as a bench if you prefer to sit while tying your shoes. The added bonus is there is an electrical outlet in the foyer to plug in the TV, so you can turn it on to warm up your ass when you sit down. I am a fucking environmentally conscious genius romantic.

Below: Behold! That’s right, we have a TV in the foyer. Livin’ the dream.

TV in the foyer

Below: Here I demonstrate the perfect height for tying laces. Get a leg up!

Tying laces on the TV

Below: Here I am demonstrating the seated position for tying shoes. You can’t do shit like this with the new televisions of today, as they are too skinny to get a leg up. This old 19 incher from 1994 is meaty enough to use as a seat. Notice I’m wearing the Crock of Shirt Guitar shirt for added effect.

Sitting on the TV


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