Scrambled Egg

Went shopping the other day and finally managed to choose a shopping cart that didn’t fuck me around. But something always has to fuck me around when I go shopping, so I eventually met my fuckery when I was loading the groceries into the car.

Everything was going so well. Then I grabbed the tray of eggs, which is sealed in clear packaging. Except my particular tray of eggs apparently had a gaping hole in one end. Naturally, I didn’t notice the hole until it was too late. I noticed it was too late when 3 fucking eggs took the leap out of the tray. One of the stupid assholes went too far and annihilated himself on the ground behind the car. The other eggs managed to safely land in a shopping bag where they were rescued and returned home without a hint of a crack.

Below: Asshole egg took one final leap. What an asshole.

Egg on pavement

As I think about it, I can’t blame the eggs for jumping out. They were shitty eggs anyway. I usually eat eggs that are straight from the farmer and not the grocery store. I had simply run out of the good eggs and needed to restock.

Wow, this is a boring post. I apologize. Shit. Talking about friggin’ eggs on a t shirt site. I don’t even have any designs with eggs on shirts. I haven’t even ever had an egg spill on a shirt, but once did have a bird shit on me. I have an idea about an egg on a shirt, but haven’t been able to draw it just yet, as I’ve been working on several other ideas. In fact, I’m quite excited about a few of these new ones. Stay tuned.


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