Graffiti Train

Graffiti. Trains. There is graffiti. There are trains. There is graffiti on trains. Some people have a problem with graffiti. Some people have a problem with trains. Some people have a problem with graffiti on trains. Some people have a problem with everything no matter what the situation!

I have often thought it would be a cool idea if graffiti on trains was somehow legally permitted. Graffiti on trains would be the perfect traveling art gallery! Obviously, there would be deep and confusing legal details and safety issues, but something could certainly be arranged. I’m not in the mood to discuss the horseshit part of things like legalities and safety. I’m more into dreaming about the end product and the possibilities of something unique (unless this has already been done somewhere else and I’m way behind reality). Strip out all the bullshit for a minute and think about it. Some of the graffiti art on the rail cars is already impressive, considering the pressures the artists are under to make their mark illegally. Imagine what could be done if artists were given a blank canvas and free time to produce art without the threat of being chased off by authorities!

Below: Snapped this picture of a train yesterday with some stuff on it. Not that this graffiti is necessarily bad, but it could probably be better if given proper time to execute.

Graffiti on a train

Below: Shitty example of a Crock of Shirt train hahaha. Wow, did I ever do a shitty job of mocking this up. Oh well, you get the idea. A rolling art gallery would be cool!

Crock of Shirt Graffiti on train


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