Outsource This!

Outsourcing. I am going to keep this fairly brief, as I am only going to focus on our point of view . . . and I am horrible at debating. Outsourcing is a tricky subject. It is a subject that punches me a bit because I was affected by it when I lost my job. I didn’t lose my position due to direct labor outsourcing, but it was a result of my department’s product being replaced by one provided from another country. I still call that outsourcing. And as a citizen of Canada, having non-Canadians provide that product exclusively for my province is bullshit.

Ultimately, outsourcing is a practice that is put in place to save a company money, which provides more earnings for higher executives and shareholders. I suppose that’s fantastic if you’re on the top, but it sucks when you get caught at the bottom. And let’s face it, not everybody can be at the top – nothing would get done haha. A big point of frustration with all of this is greed seems to have taken priority over reason. When is enough enough?

We brewed this shirt design as a result of what is going on in the news lately with the issue of hiring foreign workers (I will state again that this is a much bigger issue with different reasons and points of view to debate than what I have put here). We at Crock of Shirt are making an effort to support local business as much as we can by seeking local supplies and providing shirts that are made in Canada. We aren’t in business to make a fortune off the backs of cheap labour; we’re in business to hopefully provide an enjoyable product that people can relate to that was made honestly and with enthusiasm.

Below: This is our latest shirt design to reflect how many folks feel about outsourcing. Check this design printed on premium, Canadian-made Tees! Men’s and Women’s available.

Maple leaf middle finger

Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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One comment on “Outsource This!
  1. Monica says:

    Ha, nothing would get done is right! Someday it will pay off, Kurt. Keep speaking your mind and trying to make a difference and it will all come together.

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