I use both hands to create all of my graphics. I use my left hand for pencil sketching and hand-printed work. I then transfer my sketches into the computer to be used as guide layers so I can manually trace over them with my right hand controlling the mouse. If writing on a whiteboard, I use my left hand. However, if I am drawing on a whiteboard, I can use either left or right. Same with painting. I use my left hand for painting, but I am able to use my right if I have to.

One memory I have from elementary school is being one of the very few “lefty” kids. I distinctly remember when it was craft time and I would seek out the green Lefty scissors. Remember the green Lefty scissors? They even said “Lefty” on them. As I recall, the ratio of Lefty scissors to right-handed was totally shitty. I think out of 20 pair of right-handers, there were two Lefties. As predicted, this created panic within the Lefty community. Think about it: you just found out it’s craft time in 10 minutes and you realize there are 3 Lefty kids, but only 2 Lefty scissors. Because children have limited civility, there’s gonna be a full-on body-contact sprint for the coffee can that’s holding the scissors. Somebody’s going to be left out (ha, “left” out), which is going to result in hurt feelings, project sabotage, name-calling, crying, hitting, and possible war. Shit’s gonna go down.

As time moved on, I decided to set aside the bullshit and teach myself how to use the right-handed scissors. After much practice and patience, I was able to overcome my disability. I realize now that I conformed to the masses, but it really has made my life easier. I did, however, stick with the left hand for drawing and writing. The interesting thing is the older I get, the more lefties I meet. We’re slowly taking over.

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2 comments on “Lefty
  1. allthedoors says:

    My little guy switches hands all the time when he draws and writes. I will make sure that he learns to use his right hand for cutting though 😛

  2. […] Below: Sketching in my sketchbook at the market. Here you can see my favourite mechanical pencil. Yes, I am a lefty. […]

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