Leaf Blowers

I was out and about the other day and noticed a city employee in a landscaped area with a leaf blower. I can’t believe I have forgotten to gripe about leaf blowers until now because they are the most ridiculous tool ever invented.

What in the holy F is the point of going outside and blowing leaves around? It’s the same shit as killing flies outside with a flyswatter – it is simply a battle that can not be won. You go outside to blow leaves off your sidewalk. It’s clean. A gust of wind comes back and blows the leaves on your sidewalk. It’s dirty. It’s a revolving door! Why even bother? You would never be finished!

I think you’d be better off to vacuum up the leaves rather than blow them all over the place. Better still, don’t do anything with the leaves, as they are everywhere anyway. It’s so idiotic.

Not only are leaf blowers a complete joke, they’re loud as hell. Why would you need something with a gas powered engine to blow around a leaf? I could fart on a leaf and it would blow around! What ever happened to the broom and a friggin’ rake?


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One comment on “Leaf Blowers
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