Bike With a Side of Stake

I went for a bike ride the other day on a trail that’s close to my place. If I’m in the mood to be alone and get a relatively quick ride in, I choose this trail. It’s a trail that is a little steep in spots and primarily consists of a lengthy, grinding uphill that enters a forested area. Because of the long uphill, I also find it a great place to lose myself in my thoughts. In fact, many of our T shirt ideas have been imagined on my bike rides.

I didn’t think of any design ideas on this ride, though.

Something did catch my attention as I was climbing through the trees, however. Check the picture below. Can you see it? See that? Not the bike!

Mountain bike in the forest

Here, I will zoom in and point it out to you. See it now? See that stake? That’s not good. That concerns me.

Survey stake in the forest

One of the horrific things about life is change. Some people thrive on change, but I don’t enjoy it. One of the horrific things about mountain biking is when a developer comes along and parks a street on one of your favourite trails. I don’t enjoy that. A few good trails around here have disappeared in the past decade or so because of housing developments. That stake in the trees suddenly had me on alert, as its location is situated near the boundary of the latest subdivision development in my area.

Mildly feeling the initial physical twitches of becoming pissed off, I continued on my ride to the top of the hill. After a brief pause at the top to take in the view and catch my breath, I adjusted my seat and started the glorious downhill descent. The high speed bliss around the twisty turns through the trees was abruptly halted when I came across another stake. Another stake? What? This high up in the woods?

During the final phase of the ride, which was the relaxing pedal home, I thought of an idea. Though it’s not a direct shirt idea, it is related to shirts in that I figure I need to sell many, many, many, many, many, many more shirts so I am able to buy my own forested hill! You know, so that it will be protected from development so I can ride my bike and think of new ideas!


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2 comments on “Bike With a Side of Stake
  1. Melanie says:

    I thought I was looking at the , what looks to be a hoof just by where you parked your bike…. lol…. but yes, the stake would be alarming….

  2. crockshirt says:

    Yeah, I noticed that hoof thing after I had gotten home to download the photo. I’m not sure if it’s a hoof or a hunk of wood.

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