Parking Domination

Ouch. It’s been a little too long between posts around here. My apologies! I’ve been scrambling around with life stuff and more drawings. Life stuff kinda sucks because it includes a pile of bullshit that gets in the way of trying to make something cool of your life.

My life? Not all that cool. It has been cool at times, but ultimately really isn’t. I will take partial blame for that. I refuse to take full blame, but I’ll settle for partial. That seems fair. It takes a lot of work, strategic moves, and a bit of luck to have a cool life, I think.

Aside from the bullshit parts of life, the good parts are pretty decent. The good parts seem few and far between, but that’s probably my personal viewpoint, which has been officially classified as pessimistic. One such recent good part of life was when I was doing some usual life bullshit. I had to dart into the grocery store to grab some bullshit and somehow managed to find the best parking space ever in the history of life. I have been on a hot streak of finding awesome parking spaces lately, so I thought I’d share.

So check this out – like I said, I was going into the store to grab some bullshit, but was a little apprehensive because this particular parking lot can be a real traffic jam. I also had my truck that day, which meant finding a decent space to squeeze into was going to be a little more challenging than using our car. As I was pulling up to start the hunt for a space, one magically opened up right before my eyes. Also, the advantage to this space was it allowed me to go for the “pull-through” park, which is advantageous because reverse isn’t necessary when it’s time to leave. You sneak in the back door and depart in the same direction. Know what I mean? It’s really awesome. You should try it.

But wait!

The best part was still coming! The best part was overlooked until I got out of the truck. The best part of the magic was when I realized I had avoided any and all bullshit by somehow navigating straight to that particular space that granted me not only access to the magic that is pull-through parking, but the space that was closest to the exit of the store! Do you even realize how awesome that is? Everybody wants that space. In my opinion, the space I managed to grab is even better than the handicapped spaces. The space is so kick-ass that I didn’t want to give it up when it came time to leave.

Below: Check that out. Check out the massive bullshit avoidance I managed to pull off. It was such an awesome highlight to my life that I took a picture of it and wrote a blog post about it. Maybe my life’s not so bad.

parking space outside of grocery store


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