Creativity With a Side of Tools

Being creative for me is not limited to drawing. In fact, being creative doesn’t really have to be about art at all. Finding a new, efficient way to shovel snow off your driveway requires creativity. Using one tissue to blow your nose 6 times would require creativity, too.

Throughout the past several years, I have enjoyed designing and making things out of wood. I find building with wood similar to how I create computer graphics. For me, I visualize or have an idea of what I want to end up with and put pieces together to make it happen. One such project was a playhouse/slide structure for our kids that I built about 6 years ago. Rather than go the easy route and purchase a pre-fabricated kit, I opted to combine my graphic and building skills to design and build my own. Besides, it would give me the opportunity to come up with an excuse to buy a new tool.

Below: I was able to combine my personal interests of graphics and carpentry (and thinking, drafting, planning, building, playing with power tools, buying power tools, buying hand tools, cutting wood, drilling wood, making a mess, wasting money) to build a playhouse. This is the original plan that I came up with.

Treehouse plans

Below: Here’s the finished playhouse that I made out of cedar. I later added a couple of swings.

Cedar Playhouse with slide

The playhouse was built and sat in its place in our back yard, periodically used by our kids and their friends. But now that our kids have grown a little older, the interest in the old playhouse began to fade. We decided to pass it down to our friends, whose younger daughter will surely enjoy it for the next few years. We were a little sad to see it go and the back yard is now left with a lonely void where it used to sit. The kids are getting older. Time is moving on.

Below: The playhouse is all loaded up and ready for delivery to our friends’ place.

Playhouse in truck

Below: The void left in our back yard. Sad. Also sad is if you compare the above picture of the completed playhouse with this shot, you will notice that we now have neighbours everywhere. When I built the playhouse, our yard backed onto undeveloped land.

Void where the playhouse sat

However, the sad feelings are relieved a bit in knowing that another youngster will surely enjoy having a playhouse to hang out in. Besides, maybe I can fill the void in our back yard with another wooden structure. Heh, another project might open up the possibility of buying more tools!

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One comment on “Creativity With a Side of Tools
  1. Billy Tolman says:

    Thanks again, the kids are enjoying it. Also arguing over the swings and trying to climb the slide while the other wants to go down 🙂

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