Eh Canada!

Last minute madness seems to be the way we operate within Crock of Shirt. I have no answers at the moment, so I will go with it. I create and draw shit, so expecting me to dominate the retail market with business savvy is a bit of a stretch. But we’re learning! Learning lots and trying new things.

Okay, so we were tossing ideas around a couple weeks ago for a shirt design for Canada Day. We probably should have done this months ago, like in January, but we were too busy trying to do silly shit like sell shirts on a frozen lake. What the hell. Anyway, Kris suggested maybe a maple leaf filled with words would look cool. It would be something people might like to wear that isn’t so bold or cartoonish. It sounded like a good idea to me, so I cruised the internet for some inspiration. I suppose this kind of thing is called a word cloud or tag cloud. I wrote down a few words that immediately came to mind when thinking of Canada: snow, freedom, water, mountains, moose, beaver, etc. Further cruising of the internet provided more words.

Without going into a painful step-by-step process, I began with a maple leaf I had previously illustrated. From there, I placed the various words on top of the maple leaf, which I used as a guide. The challenge was placing the words in such a way that they remained within the border of the maple leaf shape. The words also had to fit well among other surrounding words. Think of it as a shape puzzle. Using all capitals would have been much easier because of the lack of ascenders and descenders of the letters, but the individual words probably would have been more difficult to read. I also chose a font that provided a variety of styles, such as bold, extra bold, regular, condensed, etc.

Did he really do that? Yes. Yes, I really did that. I really did place each and every word in its place. It took hours. I’m sure some of my programmer buddies are laughing at me while reading this, as there’s probably a way to write a script that would fill the void defined by the maple leaf border with my list of words. Dammit, there’s probably something already out there online that can do it. Shit. Well, that’s not my style. I prefer to have almost total control when creating something. Believe me, I placed each word!

Stop laughing, programmers! Stop it!

Anyway, we are definitely offering this shirt for sale, but likely not through just yet. We are a bit low on inventory and awaiting a shipment of shirts, which will cut delivery times too close. The last thing we want to do is sell someone something and not be able to deliver in time. As I mentioned before, we shit the bed by doing this last minute, as Canada Day is 11 days away from today. That being said, we do have some inventory available in men’s and women’s sizes, so if you or anyone you know is interested, fire us an email and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

Below: Here is a picture of a men’s and women’s shirt with an inset graphic of the words. I apologize for the shitty picture, but I am doing this last minute (common theme around here) and I am by no means an expert at photographic lighting. The shirts are white with red silkscreen print.

Canada shirt

Below: This is a photo of myself that I frantically took with the timer set on the camera. Again, the lighting makes the shirt look like it has been fermenting in a barrel of piss, but I assure you it is white.

Canada shirt on me


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2 comments on “Eh Canada!
  1. Monika Hnatiuk says:

    I’m in Edmonton Alberta, where do I get them in time for Canada day ?

  2. […] this weekend. Tomorrow’s farmers market will be business as usual and we will have a bunch of Eh Canada shirts with us for those who want one. Monday – Canada Day – we are planning to be out and […]

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