Filing Cabinet Madness Swearing

Caution. This one is gonna be vile. If you don’t like bad words, don’t read this.


Fucking nothing gets me more pissed off than this fucker:

filing cabinet

The filing cabinet. Stupid asshole fucking archaic piece of disorganized shit filing cabinet. It has been organized and everything is labeled, yet I can never ever find anything in it. Ever. It is so frustrating. I didn’t label anything in it, so it doesn’t make sense to me. “Insurance” isn’t where the business insurance is – it’s where the house insurance is. So I found another insurance folder, but that’s where the fuckin’ car insurance bullshit is. Ass shit!

I could never work in an office filing things or having to deal with shitty fucking useless pieces of papers. Documents and bullshit that has to be kept for years and shit. I just want to throw a match in it and watch the fucker burn. But NOOOOOOOOOO, I have to keep the shit.

I just want to draw. I want to create things. I don’t want to find shit.

The most annoying part is rifling through the folders and dividers. The sound of flicking through paper drives me mental. MENTAL. My ultimate hell would be to work in a silent fucking library listening to people flick through papers, typing on a keyboards, and eating bananas. The chewing! This reminds me of the days of being in school during exams (I hate the word exam, too) and listening to people pound on calculator keys.

Filing cabinets are so stupid! Go digital! If you can’t find anything on the computer, a simple keyword search should locate your shit. I am more organized with papers and documents scattered all over my desk and on the floor than in the prick filing cabinet. Prick! The only thing good about it is it’s where my printer lives. I’m tempted to shit in the drawer, close it back up again, and never go back.


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