New Old Pencil

I had started another post about something else, but something came up. That something is this.

You don’t understand. It’s almost sad, really, but I am so excited about having finally found a replacement eraser for my favourite mechanical pencil. Not only did I find a replacement eraser, but I found the freaking mother lode. Yup, I bought five replacement erasers. Now I don’t have to feel guilty when it comes time to erase something! I no longer have to ration my eraser!

Below: The worn out eraser was making drawing repairs a smudge-fest.

worn mechanical pencil eraser

Why does it matter? Why, you might ask, would it even matter? Why not use a separate eraser? Well, I have been using a separate eraser. I have been using a large eraser, but it’s kind of a hassle because it is a separate piece. The beauty of my mechanical pencil is it has everything I need all in one location. It has a clip on it so that it can be attached to my sketchbook at all times. The mechanical function and internal storage of replacement lead negates the use of a sharpener (I hope I used the word “negates” correctly or I’m gonna look like an ass). The built-in eraser completes the all-in-one package. In addition, the built-in eraser is nice for precision, whereas the big eraser obliterates everything.

Below: The new eraser installed on my pencil. I almost can’t wait to screw up so I can try it out!

new mechanical pencil eraser

The main reason this matters to me is I have had this pencil for many, many years. I have grown attached to it. I can’t really remember when I got it, but I’m sure it’s been with me for at least ten years. Possibly fifteen years. In fact, there is a chance that Monica bought me this pencil many years ago. Also, every Crock of Shirt design and most other work that you have seen created by me was initiated by a sketch with this pencil. When the eraser eventually wore out, I was saddened at the possibility that I might have had to find a replacement pencil. A new one. I’d have purchased the same kind just to get the new eraser. It might seem silly to be attached to something so small as a pencil, but I am in tune with details. In a strange way, I am honestly very excited to have found replacement erasers because it means I get to keep my old faithful pencil by my side.

Below: The pencil surrounded by extra erasers. Also notice the shiny eraser cap is on. Pretty rare to still have a cap that hasn’t been lost. A cat could have eaten it. It could have fallen off in the grass at the park. How one of the kids hasn’t lost it is beyond me.

Mechanical pencil with spare erasers

Below: Home sweet home. The pencil is clipped to the side of my sketchbook.

Mechanical pencil attached to sketchbook

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2 comments on “New Old Pencil
  1. Jayme says:

    I totally get it, man. I had attachment issues to my pencil case. I had that thing from high school through my first two degrees at University. I just lost it a few years ago and shed some serious tears. I almost called the RCMP…

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