This has nothing to do with anything, which is sort of what the content of this post is about. People sometimes do stuff that really doesn’t accomplish anything, nor make any sense.

Mom had to take her car in for service yesterday and asked if I could give her a ride back home. On the way to her place, she offered to buy us coffee and suggested I hit the drive-thru at McD’s. As I was waiting in line, I noticed a couple electrical conduit things (not sure what these are called) on the wall. They weren’t all that interesting. What was interesting to me was the piece of chewing gum that was placed on top of one of the conduit things.

Below: It’s a little hard to see, but the arrow is pointing to the gum.

chewing gum on electrical conduit


I find shit like that entertaining because I think of the behind-the-scenes story associated with such oddities. That is not a natural location to find a piece of gum. It was placed there on purpose, which required thought and at least a small degree of effort. Situations like that make me wonder what the thought process was at the time of the gum placement. A few thoughts that come to mind are:

“Huh. An electrical conduit. I’m going to stick my gum to this. Heh.”

“This gum tastes like shit. Fuck, where am I gonna put…… there!”

“Technically it’s not littering if it doesn’t touch the ground.”

“I’m a plumber. Here’s what I think of electricians.”

Also entertaining to me is I took the time to grab my phone and pop a quick picture of it so I could write this post. Now that I think about it, further entertaining thoughts for me are what the next electrician who has to perform service on that conduit thing will think:


“People are pigs. Glad I’m not a plumber.”

Hahaha, maybe the electrician will take a photo and write a post about it, too!

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