Exploring Autumn

This past long weekend was a highlight of the past few years of my life… that might be a bit of a bold statement… hmm, yup, it was a good weekend. I really can’t find anything to complain about! I can complain about today because today is going to hell, but the weekend was spectacular. We had a really good day at the Saturday market, then hit the golf course for one last round before winter. On Sunday we spent time with friends and family and the weather was pristine. Yesterday was the last day of the weekend, so Monica suggested we take the camera and go on a hike to take some family pictures. I hate family pictures. However, it was a lovely day, so I agreed to play nice.

We decided to try out a location just west of town, where the river meets the lake. How does this relate to shirts? Let me explain. Wandering around with a camera on a beautiful day in nature enables one to escape routine (unless your routine is wandering around with a camera in nature, in which case I’d suggest you are a fortunate person). Wandering around the rocks and sand of dry riverbeds, I let myself explore stuff I usually don’t see. Seeing oddly shaped rocks, twisted branches of driftwood, leaves, and various other objects sparks the imagination. I find it to be a way of charging the brain into creative thinking by seeing things differently. It was also really nice to see the kids explore their surroundings with curious fascination. Maybe some new shirt design ideas will reveal themselves from the photos I snapped. (I am not a photographer, nor do I claim to be.) Here’s a look at some stuff:

Below: Looking West towards Kamloops Lake from the beach at Tranquille. Couldn’t ask for a better autumn day.

Looking West at Kamloops Lake

Below: Wandering up the creek, we began to notice several dead fish. There were many live fish, too. I guess they are making their way inland to lay eggs. Anyway, not sure what this picture will inspire, if anything, but I have a few ideas. At the very least, the reflection in the water looks cool.

Dead fish

Below: Monica noticed this cool hunk of driftwood that looks like a dolphin. The eye and snout are readily visible. Also notice the curved piece of wood that looks like a fin. Pretty cool.


Below: I stumbled upon this wavy sand that’s just below the surface of the water at the shore. I like this kind of thing.

Wavy sand

Below: After I noticed the wavy sand above, I looked over a couple metres and noticed this cool formation. This is also just under the surface of the water near the shore. It looks like an underwater burst of something. I like the textures and shapes in this one. It’s energetic.

Wavy sand blast

Below: Not sure what this shit is, but it’s like wavy underwater algae or something. I thought it looked interesting, so I snapped a shot.

Wavy underwater weed stuff

Anyway, that’s it. Like I mentioned above, I’m hoping some of this stuff will produce some ideas for me. I already thought of an art project for our daughter that involves rocks from our hike, so she’s excited about that. Perhaps I’ll do a dead fish shirt! Stay tuned…

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