What a Gas!

One of the many challenges of launching a business is marketing. With the world so full of products and whatever else there is to compete with, it’s tough to stand out. It’s also a beast to find the time to throw at marketing. It’s a job in itself. I think one of the ingredients is to simply stick it out. Just stick it out and keep grinding away. And sometimes it’s good to do something unpredictable.

Crock of Shirt has been fairly unpredictable. For instance, we are regular vendors at our local farmers’ market. As I have said before, the market might seem like an odd place for a couple guys to start out a business, but it has turned out to be quite positive: low rent, consistent location for people to find us, supporting local small business, and being part of our community. In keeping with our unpredictability and lack of business savvy, we are pleased to now be offering a selection of shirts at the Kamloops Travel Centre Petro-Canada!

Below: Check it! I make a red circle around our shirts. Not only do I draw all the designs, I make circles like this to show stuff like that.

Crock of Shirt shirts at retail

A gas station? Nope. Not just any gas station. This is a travel centre. The legendary “Verse.” Situated on the very Western edge of Kamloops, perched just above the Trans Canada Highway, this place is the first place people see when coming into town and the last place to grab shit/gas before leaving. The other half of it is a massive truck stop. According to the owner, they see high traffic from tour buses jammed with overseas tourists. Tourists like to grab souvenirs. Canadian souvenirs. That’s where our “Eh Canada” shirts come in!

Two things I find really cool about this situation:
1) The owner of the travel centre likes to support local business and was gracious in giving us a piece of the pie;
2) Our shirts are made in Canada. Not only that but, as you know, we design and print them here in Kamloops! So if someone from another town, city, country, continent comes by and grabs a Crock shirt, they are leaving with a true souvenir from Kamloops, Canada!


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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2 comments on “What a Gas!
  1. allthedoors says:

    Congrats! I hope the retail experience is successful! 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    That’s fantastic. Now I feel like I should drive up there for 20 cups of coffee, a plate of nachos, and a shirt.

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