More Cars. Then Some More.

Cars. I have loved cars as long as I have been able to draw, which has been as long as I can remember. I’ve talked about it before, but since I’m writing about whatever I wanna write about, I’m gonna write about cars again today. I used to draw a lot of cars, but it’s something I haven’t focused on for a number of years, as far as drawing is concerned. Not sure what happened there. I think I have become inspired by other things and that’s okay because there is a lot of other stuff out there to explore!

But I want to talk about cars right now. I do something that Monica finds funny, and you might find it funny too, but I don’t care because it makes me happy. I still buy little toy cars. Yup, I will be 38 in two months and I still purchase little Hot Wheels cars simply because they make me fucking smile. I don’t go on special trips and wander through toy stores in search of cars. I don’t unpack them and drive them around the floor while in my underwear, completely oblivious to my surroundings. I don’t take them in the bathtub and play good guy/bad guy chase until someone crashes off the bridge into the water. I simply take a peek at what’s new on the toy shelf at the grocery store or whatever, and if something cool catches my eye, I’ll grab it. Why do I do this? Why not? Who cares? I just like the little things. They make me happy. Some people buy paintings or collect whatever shit they collect. Some people collect real cars. Since I’m not in any financial position to collect real cars (until I sell a shitload more shirts), I’ll stick with this. Whatever floats your boat.

As I’m writing this, I am having memories flash back to when I was a little dude and my Grandma would buy me little cars. I remember sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment and Grandma would frequently take me down to the drugstore near their apartment and let me choose a new Hot Wheels to play with. I can also vaguely remember one particular time when Grandpa came over and told us to reach into his jacket pocket – new Hot Wheels surprise! So when I went grocery shopping yesterday with Monica and spotted two cars that got my attention, I popped them in the basket. I forgot about them until unloading the groceries, then had a delightful surprise when out from under the bag of potatoes were two treats for me – Hot Wheels surprise! Potatoes are boring. Cars are way better!

Thinking even deeper into this, maybe it’s the colours I enjoy. Maybe it’s the detail of the cars. Perhaps it’s the feeling of having stuff that emulates what is real but isn’t. They let my imagination flow. Know what I mean? All of those points share similarities to drawing (for me). Drawing stuff is my way of creating things to make them become real in my own way. I know when I draw a car, I can feel it. I can feel the energy. I’m sure I probably make silly car noises when I draw cars hahaha.

But seriously, I have plans to eventually display all these things in a garage or my office or something one day. They will look cool with my real toy (when restored).

Hmmm, know what? I’m in the mood to draw a car! Stay tuned…

Below: This is the walk-in closet in our bedroom. My side is way more fun than hers. There are probably around 80 cars in here now and I have yet to actually get screamed at by my wife. This pic is the right side. Also note the stray 1:18 scale Chevelle being cozy on a sweater.

Cars in closet

Below: This is the back wall of the closet. The cars on the left are encroaching on Monica territory, so I’d better be careful. See that Stampin’ Up box? That’s full of bigger 1:18 scale die cast cars like the Chevelle in the previous picture. Out of the frame is another box just like that with more of the bigger cars. I never did display them for fear of the kids trashing them.

Cars in closet

Below: My side of the closet again. Not sure how many cars are hiding out here, but there is a pile of them on the shelf space beneath my hanging collared shirts and above my hanging t-shirts. It pisses me off that my hangers don’t match, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Cars hiding under clothing

Below: This is my nightstand drawer. Here we have a black IROC Camaro and the A-Team van. I don’t know why they ended up here, but that’s where they are. Actually, this is the point in this post that I am beginning to wonder if I have a sickness and shouldn’t make this public.

Cars in nightstand drawer

Below: This is my view looking left beyond my computer monitor. Couple more cars here – one Hot Wheels IROC Camaro and one bigger die cast Trans Am. I know it seems I just have domestic cars, but I probably have an equal amount of import stuff like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi.

Cars on my desk

Below: This is my view looking right beyond my computer monitor. I spotted this Lamborghini at Costco and snuck it into the cart when the wife wasn’t looking. I fessed up at the checkout and calmly explained that it was coming home with us even if the eggs and apples had to go back on the shelf. Okay, I’m lying; we still got the eggs and apples. And the Lamborghini. You might be able to see the little label on the box that says 1:18 scale… it also says age 3+, so I’m well within the recommended age restriction.

Cars on my desk


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