Snow Play

November 6th! There is snow outside (at my place, anyway), so I figure it’s okay to start shouting out that our shirts make great Christmas gift ideas! I must admit it’s a little awkward to crack out the retail sales part of this, but that’s how it goes. I much more enjoy the creation of ideas and graphics than the business end of Crock of Shirt. Experiencing someone purchasing one of our shirts or seeing one being worn is a great feeling, so I’d absolutely continue with this venture if I didn’t require money.

So what’s new? What’s up with you guys? Do any of you ski or snowboard? We all used to ski years ago. I tried snowboarding once and spent the better part of the day on my ass while being heckled by people on the chairlift. It was still fun, though. I learned some stuff that day, none more important than staying away from the chairlift run when you are learning. Now I tend to cruise the slopes vicariously through my drawings. I had drawn a skier last year and didn’t really do much with it. Something about it was bothersome to Kris and Monica, so it wasn’t a favourite, though I didn’t mind it. I had also drawn a snowboarder and brought it up for Kris to see a couple weeks ago. His initial reaction was he almost shit the chair he was sitting in out of a feeling not quite as hard as disgust, but something a couple levels beneath that. He expressed his concern by politely telling me it was shitty. Not shitty, but the style was too junky cartoony. Cartoonish? Cartoony? Whatever. He really likes the mountain bike design I recently did, so I should try to stick with that theme for a few ideas. Back to the drawing board I went. For all you snow folk out there, we just completed this latest round of goodies.

It isn’t easy for me to draw realistic stuff without reference pictures, so I went to the bookstore to seek magazine inspiration. After finding a picture that caught my eye, a layout for the shirt design came next. I knew I wanted to integrate the shirt into the design, so that was also part of the process. I also knew I wanted to have snow spraying around in the graphic. The sketching soon began…

Below: The skier was first. None of this stuff was traced, but I used reference pictures for guidance. Here’s the pencil sketch.

sketch of skier

Below: This is the skier sketch that was brought into the computer so I could manually trace over it with the bezier tool. Like I have mentioned before, I tend to use a red outline so I can see what I’m doing.

outlined sketch of skier

Below: Hours later, this is the completed shirt! The addition of snow and shadows really make these designs pop. This design is available for men and women.

ski shirt

Below: Next was the snowboarder. Here’s the pencil sketch.

sketch of snowboarder

Below: This is the snowboarder sketch that was brought into the computer. Same basic steps as the skier.

outlined sketch of snowboarder

Below: Hours later, this is the completed shirt! This design is available for men and women.

snowboard shirt



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2 comments on “Snow Play
  1. Mira says:

    Love them both Kurt… You ARE an artist 🙂 and you make me laugh. I appreciate the finished product now that you’ve made the entire process clear to the non-artist such as me. Mira

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