The Wolf, the Owl, and Two Kids

I love looking at kids’ drawings. It’s like a window into their thoughts. It’s also entertaining because they can express a certain level of detail, but their coordination isn’t fully developed. This wonderful combination makes for some interesting and fucked up drawings.

My son was working on a homework assignment recently. He had to draw a title page for a book they are reading in school. I went to check progress and made a few observations:

Me: “Oh, is that guy an East Indian in a boat?”
Paul: “No! He’s just wearing a hat!” Oops.
Me: “Is that a fish that he caught?”
Paul: “No! That’s the paddle he’s holding to row the boat.” Shit.
Me: “Why does your dog have three nostrils?”
Paul: “He doesn’t! Those are the shiny spots.” Fuck.

Anyway, just because I didn’t see what he had put down doesn’t mean it’s not there. The beauty of art is there is no right or wrong. Well, there is right or wrong if you are tasked to represent something specific, otherwise give ‘er.

I’m just sort if wrapping up a bit of a special project. I took photos of a couple of my kids’ recent drawings so I could put them on shirts. Ainsley had drawn a wolf and Paul had drawn an owl. I did the usual procedure, which was photograph the original drawings (theirs), then trace over them on the computer. I decided to combine the wolf and owl into one picture. I threw in some trees and a crescent moon for added flavour. I still might add some colour, but the grey graphic looks pretty good. The plan is to make them each a shirt for Christmas. I think they will find the idea fun. I hope so, anyway!

Below: Here is Ainsley’s original wolf drawing. This was drawn months ago, possibly even last year. I think it was a sketch, so definitely not a finished piece.

drawing of a wolf

Below: Here is Paul’s original owl drawing. This was a school assignment, which explains the amount of work he put into it.

drawing of an owl

Below: Here is what I came up with by combining their main characters. I added my own trees and moon. I also added some shading to give some depth.

combined graphic of wolf and owl

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