Sprinkler Socks

Yesterday was the day after Christmas. We didn’t have much going on, so we decided to walk around downtown and maybe grab a coffee or something. So we walked. Then grabbed coffee. The coffee was good. The walk sucked. Well, walking with the family was fine, but the actual walk itself sucked. The sidewalks were completely covered in ice from freezing rain earlier in the day, so moving along was fairly treacherous. Oh, and a guy spit out a huge, sloppy gob in front of me, so that upset me a bit. But I’m not writing this to talk about him.

I am, however, writing this to share with you what I found during our slippery ice walk. Something caught my eye as we were on the trek to the coffee shop. I noticed something out of place on the side of one of the buildings and stepped in for a closer look. Socks! On the sprinkler valve (is that a valve?) located on the brick facade of the building was perched a pair of white socks. Hmm. Odd. Well, random bits of undergarments aren’t really too odd, as we were downtown, but it was odd in that it is the middle of winter.

Of course, much like the recent gum on the conduit sighting, this got me thinking about why the socks were there. They were clean socks, so they apparently weren’t used to wipe ass after an emergency dump. I didn’t notice any blood. The location of the socks isn’t near any gym or yoga studio that I know of. There also wasn’t any outdoor cafe seating or anything around, so taking socks off because of a preference for sitting around in flip-flops didn’t seem likely. Do ninjas wear socks? I didn’t see any ninjas. Then again, I wouldn’t notice a ninja because it’s a ninja. Maybe they were bait socks that were placed there to capture a notorious sock thief! Maybe someone placed the socks there with the hope that I might wander by and write about them!

Anyway, I took a picture. I thought the socks were out of place, so I had to grab a shot and write about it. I wonder who will remove them. Maybe the guy who spit out the huge, sloppy gob will grab them!

Below: The socks. Odd. Oh, I just noticed the can tab on the top of the sprinkler fixture! Not as funny, so I won’t write about that. Try harder, can tab person. You’ll have to do better than that to have me write about your horsing around.

socks on a sprinkler valve

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One comment on “Sprinkler Socks
  1. […] you have read any of my previous posts about randomly placed oddities (check this out), you might know that this is when I start to wonder how or why this took place. My best guess […]

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