Destination Forward

Not sure how to start this one off. I thought I’d write down a bit of what it’s like to be making an attempt at running a business. This is from my point of view. Monica wants me to write more about what it’s like to put myself out there. It’s scary as shit for me, but I’m getting better. This is what’s happening at the moment.

Okay, being lost in life doesn’t help much, but if I had to define what I do (skills-wise) I would probably be a graphic artist. I was trained as a graphic designer, but worked for a decade as a multimedia designer. I would ideally like to be an illustrator. Fuck that, I’d really ideally like to be an architect, but there’s no time for that anymore. Since my job as a multimedia designer disappeared a few years ago, I have been drawing all that you see for Crock of Shirt (and applying for other jobs). I enjoy it (not looking for jobs). I really enjoy thinking of ideas and the process of creation to final illustration. The entire Crock of Shirt process feels natural for me. What keeps me going is the satisfaction I get from it, plus being closer to my family. Working alongside my brother, Kris, is something I truly enjoy and look forward to. Our mom also helps out where she can. Not only that, but my kids get a kick out of it, too. If others can find success doing this, so can I.

The shit thing about doing all of this is I take a ribbing from time to time about not working. That’s possibly the shittiest thing to say for a couple of reasons. First of all, no, this isn’t back-breaking physical labour, but it’s not like I’m sitting here in a spaced-out, mouth-breathing drool-a-thon with my thumb up my ass. I’ve heard it all by now, so keep the bullshit comments to yourself. Secondly, only a select few people know the brutal details about how things have gone down the past few years and it’s almost a miracle that I still have a pulse. The fact that I even managed to claw and scrape up the balls to try any of this at all means something. I can look back on it and say that I tried and am still trying, which is easily more than most. Easily.

Alas, the time has come for change. I have made the decision to move forward by retraining at my local university as a skilled tradesman. This by no means is the end of Crock of Shirt. No way. I plain and simply need money and I am not having any luck with anywhere I have applied locally. Also, I flat out refuse to work a shit job that leads nowhere. I’m a believer of investing in myself, so I am taking the steps to be properly trained in something that will allow me to grow. It will also allow me to eventually funnel more money into Crock of Shirt, which will help it grow, too! I don’t know if I have made the right decision, but I’m about to find out. Besides, as I’ve said all along, you never know unless you try. See? Still trying.

Anyway, like I mentioned above, Crock of Shirt is still alive! In fact, we have at least ten new/reworked designs nearing completion and many more sketches waiting to come alive! I won’t stop drawing. I can’t. Stay tuned, friends. Just you stay tuned…

pipe wrench


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4 comments on “Destination Forward
  1. Takes a lot to put yourself out there, thank you for allowing your vulnerability to shine. Good luck in your new adventure. I also know that you are mentoring amazing skills for your children and the rest of us.

  2. crockshirt says:

    Thank you very much, Donnah!

  3. Nicola says:

    Someone told me to read your blog about two years ago and I kept forgetting. I am so happy I remembered. This is great stuff but I am still giggling from the brown tissue to get into serious enough mode to say anything intelligent. Keep at it! Too many people just moan and do nothing.

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