The Flamingo

Flamingos. Why stand on one leg? Fuckin’ use both! That’s some serious balance to stand on one leg like that. In my limited experience of balancing on one leg, it is much more difficult than having your weight evenly distributed on two. But why one? Why make it harder? Do flamingos like a challenge? Are they showing off that they have superior balance?

“Hey, other birds! Check this shit out!”

Maybe they have one-legged standing contests for time.

“I’m at 37 minutes! One more minute and I break the fucking record, bitches!”

Do they switch legs or prefer one over the other? You’d think constantly using one leg would make it much stronger than the other. Picture the flamingo with one muscular leg and one weakened stick leg. What good would having one weak leg be? It would certainly hinder landings. Running would most definitely be lopsided, which would look absolutely ridiculous. Picture a drunken-looking flamingo trying to hobble around with a gimpy leg, tripping on weeds.

Below: This is a quick and ridiculous illustration I whipped off. This flamingo might think he’s cool because of superior balance, but he looks like an asshole.

Flamingo with muscular leg drawing


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One comment on “The Flamingo
  1. Jayme says:

    Here is some irony for you. At our school yesterday, they had a one-legged standing contest. True story.

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