Rusty Spike

This has absolutely nothing to do with shirts, but that’s okay. Just the fact that I mentioned shirts at all means I am thinking of shirts. Soon, people. I will have some shirt stuff soon. Things are happening behind the scenes here…

Anyway, this post is about kids and the stupid shit they do. Actually, this is more of a specific instance than a generalization of stupid shit that kids do. If I were to list all of the stupid shit that kids do and continue to do even at my age, I would run out of internet.

I cleaned the washrooms the other day (washroom cleaning is my duty, as I made a deal with Monica approximately 15 – 17 years ago) and was relieved to have the chore completed once again. Relief was short-lived, however, when I returned to the kids’ washroom a while later to replace their towels. Expecting to see the washroom in its gleaming glory of post-Kurt cleansing, I was shocked to see a rusty fucking railroad spike on the vanity.

Let me say that again just to clarify for you what the hell. A rusty railroad spike. On my clean counter. The counter I just cleaned. In the washroom.

Below: The spike. To this day, I still do not know why it was put there. Also, I have no explanation for that red smear spot to the left. As I mentioned, the counter was just cleaned, so I can only guess one of the kids smeared something to accompany the rusty spike. Nail polish? Crayon? Blood booger?

rusty railroad spike on the counter

Kids do stupid shit. In fact, I still do stupid shit. The difference is I usually have a partially valid reason for doing the stupid shit I’m involved in. Kids don’t have valid reasons. They just do things and stupid happens. I’m not calling kids stupid, but the shit they sometimes do can most certainly be classified as stupid. You can argue that a rusty railroad spike on a bathroom counter is perplexing. It is perplexing, sure, but I see stupidity in there, too. Not only is putting something rusty on a clean counter that was literally just cle… no. Nope. I’m not even going to try to understand this. It’s stupid.

Why? Why is it stupid? First, the kids are oblivious to cleanliness. Second, putting something literally decaying on top of cleanliness is stupid. Third, and quite possibly even more important than the first point, I have to wonder why dirty shit from fuck-knows-where ends up in my house, flaking mess all over my clean stuff. Why bring that home? It’s a rusty hunk of steel! Not only is it in my house, it ended up on the counter in a washroom! Why? They have iPods and Lego and toys all over the place and now suddenly throw in a railroad spike just to fucker with me.

I just have to shake my head.


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