Pick on the Toothpick Guy

Hey! Dammit, I’ve completely been neglecting this blogging thing again. I’m busy working on some changes around here for Crock of Shirt, plus some other design stuff, not to mention being in school. Big sigh. Thanks for your patience. Patience from what I do not know, but I thought I’d say thanks nonetheless.

A quick rant for your pleasure:

I can’t stand guys chewing toothpicks. It’s rude. You know the type – the over-the-hill guy who plods along in a fog of complete disinterest behind his wife while she goes shoe shopping. That kind of guy comes across to me as a guy who likes to project an image of toughness. And it’s sort of filthy. It seems filthy to suck on a spit-soaked piece of wood that was used to mine hunks of food and plaque from your teeth. Eww.

One of my first thoughts when seeing a guy chewing a toothpick is what he would do if someone were to bump him or punch him in the toothpick, ramming it in his tongue. I bet he wouldn’t be so tough. I bet that would hurt like the hottest depths of hell and reduce him to a whimpering pile of suck. Then he wouldn’t be such a tough guy.

Well, that’s all I had on my mind for tonight. Chat with y’all soon!


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