Crock of Shirt . . . 2

Change! Change can be scary, but can also be necessary, as much as I hate to admit. Most change for me is scary. But I set aside my fears and made a change by updating

Why? I wanted to stir things up by trying a new platform. This new template allows me to make easy changes with less hassle. I don’t have time for hassle right now! Besides, when I do have any time for hassle, I’d rather spend it drawing! In addition, I hope the new platform will allow us to reach a wider audience. Funny thing is I just blew half an hour pissing around with trying to make a quick change to the new site and couldn’t find what I was looking for. That’s the way it goes.

Please have a look around and check out what’s going on! We still have a bunch of older shirt designs that will be familiar to you, but there are also some new ones listed. I still have to upload some more shirts that I didn’t get around to just yet. You see, I was interrupted with having to make supper tonight, then clean dishes. Then scrape dried pink paint off the dining table (kids). Also new are some designs in women’s tank tops! As we grow, we will offer more fabric colours and design variety in the tanks.

One other thing I want to mention is I am aware that there are a couple bugs here and there with the new site. For instance, the blog doesn’t link back to the site. I am aware of this, but I’m too tired right now to get into it. I have to get to bed so I can get up early for the market tomorrow. I admit my mistakes, so that makes everything okay. One time I slopped HP sauce on our gold shag carpet in the old house in the 70s when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Mom was pissed, but I admitted my mistake years later and she forgave me. See? It all works out.

Oh yeah, and Crock of Shirt is once again a regular vendor at the Saturday Farmers’ Market in downtown Kamloops (which is why I have to get to bed now). You can always venture down to check out our stuff and say hello.

So good night and stay tuned. I’ll be posting some more stuff soon.

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Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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