Diesel Drive-Thru

Recycle, reduce, conserve, turn lights off, turn down the heat, shower less, wash laundry in cold, don’t use your dryer, carpool, low flow toilets, compost, don’t fill the tub up all the way, only water your yard on certain days, etc. Uhh, so why are there so many fuckin drive-thrus everywhere? Why are drive-thrus permitted (and increasing in numbers) when I’m being discouraged from flushing my piss? Aren’t idling cars tremendously wasteful? Hmm? What’s more pathetic than some lazy blubbering asshole who will trade idling away whateverthehell in fuel at $1.50 per litre at the time of this writing instead of waddling his/her fat ass inside for a small coffee at $1.50? So that’s a $3.00 coffee. And it pollutes. And it is sad. Nothing makes sense. I’m sitting outside an ice cream shop and a diesel truck has been in the drive-thru lineup the entire time I’ve been here. Diesel. Why would you take a diesel work truck to buy an ice cream cone? Shouldn’t a diesel work truck be hauling a trailer somewhere?

From now on I’m flushing all my piss. With the lights on.


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